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Everything You Need To Know About Fish Shooting Casino Game

Fish shooting games, also known as ‘Fishing’ have emerged as one of the most popular games in every reliable online casino in the world. It is very fun and entertaining, as long as you know the general rules surrounding it, which are very straightforward.

Its simplicity is one of the main factors why players love it, especially the newbies in the online casino industry. You earn points whenever you successfully shoot and get the last hit on a fish before it “dies”. The number of points depends on the size and type of fish you managed to shoot. There are different types of fish shooting games around, so let’s take a closer look at why it’s one of the best online casino games around.

History of Fish Shooting Games

Fish shooting games have been around for longer than you can imagine. This category of game can be traced well before trusted online casino brands were around. The origins can be found in arcade halls in places such as Hong Kong and Singapore.

Fish shooting has been very popular in these places. Shortly after, it started to spread around Asia and eventually to the Asian communities in other countries. So, with time it has spread across the world, with the main rules surrounding it remaining intact.

Innovations in every field in the world introduced new possibilities in every aspect, and the online casino industry has been affected as well. The emergence of online casinos worldwide and their explosion in popularity in the past decade meant that most of the games that were played in land-based facilities could now be played from the comfort of one’s home.

Fish shooting games have been very popular among players, especially in the Asian gambling market. Over time, it has slowly risen to be on par with other casino games, such as online slots. Fish shooting games are very exciting, and it’s safe to say that they have started a new era for players. 

No one is now limited to playing just slots or table games in their favorite online casino. Fish shooting games offer players another very different form of entertainment. Furthermore, the even better news is that the rules of it are very easy.

Fish Shooting Betting Rules

Fish Shooting Casino Game Guide

The core idea behind fish shooting games found in every trusted online casino is very simple. You will see a group of players (usually four) shoot fish with cannons and they get rewards for it.

The cannons are placed on different sides of the game board, so everyone shoots at the same pool of fish. You will be required to decide which fish to shoot. Keep in mind that the fishes vary in terms of rarity, speed, and health. This means that you get different rewards for the different types of fish you shoot.

Fishes can swim in and out of the board, so try to keep your eyes open and keep track. This is a type of game that requires both luck and a specific skillset. So, that explains why it is considered one of the best online casino games around.

You will also have total control over the effectiveness of your bullets in the fish shooting game. The higher your betting amount, the more damage your bullet deals. For example, a bullet that costs 1 credit won’t deal as much damage as one that costs 10 credits.

Depending on the online casino you have chosen, there are numerous casino elements in the fish shooting game. Players get the chance to choose different “tables” with different entry requirements. Also, you are free to enter or exit any “table” at any time without interrupting the gameplay. So, you can really play these types of games at any time of the day, without any obstacles.

Different Types of Fish Shooting Games – Have Fun With All Fishing Game

Fish shooting games are one of the best online casino games you can find nowadays, and millions worldwide love them. Even though there are many different fish shooting games you can play, the basics surrounding it are universally the same.

The only differences in these types of games are the graphics, HD sounds, animations, and so on. All these factors contribute towards a better or worse gaming experience. Once again, the most trusted online casino brands are sure to integrate the best fish shooting games.

Some fish shooting games have three main control buttons on the bottom of the menu: aim, auto shoot, and shoot. Some other games will have 5 control buttons that you can use to control different aspects of the game. For example, auto, double, lightning, target, and shoot.

Depending on the type of fish shooting game, you can choose your skill level before you even get started. Usually, you can select whether you are at a junior, expert, or godlike level. Depending on your choice, the game will determine the level of difficulty you will face in the game. As the godlike level is the most challenging one to play, it will earn you the most points.

Types of Bets in Fishing

Play Fish Shooting Casino Game For Free

As mentioned above, payouts depend on the type of fish and the difficulty level you have chosen. You also control which bullets you use in the game. If your betting amount is low, then the chances of you getting the last hit would be lower.

To kill a bigger fish, a larger betting amount is required. This means that high-rollers are best suited for this option, as it provides a high risk-high reward. Some fish shooting games will offer you the chance to choose between 3 types of bets – using 1 gun, 2 guns, or 3 guns.

Depending on your choice, the stakes will be much higher. Once you have chosen the guns you will start with your underwater adventure and begin shooting at fish. You can change your bet by using the plus and minus buttons available in every fish shooting game. If you are a high-roller with a big wallet, you are encouraged to aim for the largest fish.

Can I Play The Fish Shooting Casino Game For Free?

Just like most of the games, you will find it at most online casinos. Fish shooting games provide you with the chance to play for free at first. The demo option is very welcome, and you are advised to take advantage of it. This is because it is a good way to get used to the game and the general rules before you decide to wager real money.

However, keep in mind that the demo option has a limited number of credits you can use. So, practice carefully and sharpen your shooting skills. You won’t have a lot of time to do so before you are required to wager real money. Take a look at BetCraving recommendation that allows players to play Fish Shooting here:

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