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The Perfect Guide For Slots Game

Nowadays, slots are the most played category of casino games in every trusted online casino. The basic rules of the game have barely changed since 1899. All you need to do is to bet on a set of reels with symbols.

Every time you hit the spin button, the reels will stop at a random position. You will secure a win if you make a line of the same symbols. The size of the win is defined in the paytable in the slot itself. The random number generator assures that the outcomes are fair and random, and it’s honored by every game provider worldwide.

Let’s dive into the specifics of online slots, why they are so popular, and why they are the dominant category of every trusted online casino.

The History Of The Game

In 1891, Sittman and Pitt invented the gambling machine. In it, you would find five drums, as well as fifty cards based on the ever-so-popular poker game. The machine was a huge success in New York (USA), and most bars soon had at least one of these to play. 

Players needed to just insert a coin, pull a lever, and see whether they got a good poker hand. Interestingly, there were no money prizes involved. Instead, players would get some free drinks and cigars.

But, as was the case in every aspect of life, innovation brought forward a whole different landscape for the slot industry. Charles Fey re-invented the machine in 1895 and created a game that had three spinning reels. Each reel had a diamond, a spade, and a heart symbol. 

Liberty Bell was the name of the game. If players managed to land three Liberty Bells, they would have won the jackpot prize of 50 cents. The game was so popular that Fey himself could not build machines fast enough. As a result, other people started copying his work. In 1934, the first-ever electric gambling machine was created.

 What Is Slot Game

The Evolution

By 1976, the first video slot machine – Fortune Coin – was unveiled at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel and it proved to be a major success. After that, we got Reel Em in 1996. This game had a bonus round that triggered a different screen, so a new era in the slot industry began.

Shortly after, the online casinos took the world by storm, and understandably, online slots were transferred into every online casino worldwide. As was the case previously, slots are the most popular category of games in every trusted online casino.

As the online casino industry evolved, the number of game developers increased. Nowadays, there are tons of reputable game providers that create some stunning online slots. Every slot is unique, with different features, gameplay, and payouts. There are new releases constantly, so the industry keeps evolving as we speak.

How Does It Work?

How Does Slot Game Works

The best online casino slots have a screen with graphics of different colors and shapes. The objective of the game is to land several symbols in a specific arrangement. Most of the slots will require you to align all those symbols horizontally or diagonally, and it would begin from the left-most reel. 

However, have in mind that some modern slots pay both ways. Additionally, some game providers have created special slots that pay for cluster arrangements. All you need to do is find a trusted online casino, and you are sure to find tons of games to choose from.

To trigger a payout, the symbols must align in the payline. To see what are the paylines, you need to check the paytable that every online slot has displayed. 

Every slot has a different number of paylines, and the number can range from 1 to 50. Have in mind that paylines do not run in just horizontal lines.

You won’t be able to form a payline if the necessary symbol does not appear in the first reels, but has appeared in the next reels. To complete the payline, we need to align the symbol in the first reel too.

You can choose the number of paylines you play with, and the more paylines – the more chances for a win. Before hitting the spin button, you need to select the number of coins per payline, as well as the size of those coins.

If you play with the maximum number of coins, then you can play for a progressive jackpot.

So, you need to get the highest possible payout by combining the required symbols, and the higher the wager, the bigger the payout.

Different Types of Slots

There are different types of slots that you will find in every trusted online casino in the world. The industry has evolved so much, and punters nowadays have a vast choice when it comes to online slots. Let’s see what types of slots you can expect.

3 Reel Slots

The original slot machines were based on 3 rotating drums. For experienced players, these are the best online casino slots, as they ooze classical charm. It is also known as Classic Slots.

Video Slots/Multi-Line Slots

The vast majority of online slots in every trusted online casino are video slots, also known as multi-line slots. They have many paylines and they are 5 reel slots. These types have three rows of symbols, so there are more paying combinations, as well as more rewarding. You will find different symbols, graphics, animations, and bonus games which add charm to popular themes.

You will also see different rewards with this type of slot, such as free spins and bonus rounds that are sure to keep players engaged and they are a good helping hand to secure some handsome wins. There are also video slots that offer multi-tier bonus rounds, which means that success in the first level of the round will propel you to the next bonus tier, where the payouts are always bigger.

Progressive Slots

The classic slots have a fixed payout ratio, but some have the payouts increase with each wager. These slots are called progressive slots, and when the jackpot combination appears on the reels, the amount will be paid to the winner, and it is reset to the base level. Progressive jackpots can be 3 reel slots or video slots, and these are the best online casino slots for the high-rollers.

Types Of Bet

There are no different types of bets in online slots nowadays, so the process of placing a wager is simple and is universal. You need to deposit funds in your account before you play, and after you do so, you will need to determine the number of paylines you want to play.

Then, you decide your coin value, which is different in every online slot. Have in mind that you are betting one coin per payline, and it means that if you set your coin value at $0.01, you are betting $0.25 per spin.

Next, you select the bet level, which usually goes between 1-4. The higher the level, the bigger the bet size. Now, you just hit the spin button and the fun begins. The payout depends on the symbols you land, the bet size, and the value of those symbols.

Lastly, you can find bonus buy slots among the trusted online casino network. These are slots where you pay a sum to directly go to the bonus feature. It is a price tag on the slot bonus.

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