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Everything You Need To Know About Live Game Show Casino Game

Game shows are currently a phenomenon in the online gambling industry. Surprisingly, these games have been gaining popularity for the past couple of years. It’s a new category of games found at online casinos, also known as Live Casino Entertainment Game Shows.

These new games bring a whole different dimension to gambling online with a live dealer. It’s sure to become one of the best online casino games to ever be released soon. Game shows are very different from traditional live dealer games such as blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.

You are sure to experience entertainment and some handsome wins, all contributing to an unforgettable gaming experience. All the major game providers in the industry create games for this category, so let’s dive deeper into the specifics of Game Shows.

History of Game Shows

These are a new breed of games in the online casino industry. It has the aim of attracting even more players to try out live casino games. Game providers tried to bring some of the excitement slots to bring with the large, unpredictable wins to a live game.

The games also had to be very entertaining, which is a key factor in attracting new players. Without the entertainment factor, punters would just stick to playing slots and traditional table games. So, the first of this type of live dealer game was created by Evolution Gaming, which has been a pioneer in the industry with this category.

The game was called Dream Catcher, and it looks like a wheel of fortune game, but with one major twist. For the possible wins to be boosted, multiplier segments were added to the wheel itself. It became evident that this type of game will be popular and integrated into the trusted online casino brand. Shortly after, Playtech followed suit with Spin & Win, their version of the game.

Blooming Of Casino Game Shows

The progress didn’t stop there, and the next major introduction was the addition of bonus rounds in these games. With that, Monopoly Live was created, and this game is considered to be a revolution in the sector.

It has a very recognizable brand. But more importantly, it uses augmented reality (AR) to take the punter into the virtual world for the bonus round. Players have the chance to secure some stunning wins which can go up to 1,000x the initial stake.

So, games had the following elements: big wheel, multipliers, augmented reality, as well as some known game branding. So, even though these games were not very popular at the beginning, they’re slowly expanding in the online casino industry. The opportunities are enormous, both for the game providers and the punters playing the games.

Betting Rules

Game Show Betting Rules

Each live casino game show is different, but some universal rules apply to the games of this category. There are different types of game shows, and you’re sure to find them all on the best online casino sites.

Game shows are played live and they are streamed directly to the players from a studio. The equipment is real, so the outcome of the game is easily recordable. The dealer will run the game and there is a core processing unit that tracks every move. This is to make sure that the game is completely fair.

How To Place A Bet On Casino Game Show?

The game is simple, and to place a bet, you need to follow a few steps explained below.

First, you need to choose the game itself. As mentioned, a trusted online casino will have more than one version of it, so you need to check the site’s game library and choose one that matches your preferences.

The second step is to place a bet. Now that you have chosen a game, the fun part begins. How much you bet is entirely up to you, but you need to have in mind that almost all live game shows have their bet floors and bet ceilings. Betting the minimum is not always an optimal choice, as some games require bigger bets to capture all sectors and increase the chances of a win. The maximum allowed bet varies from one game to another.

So, the final step is to watch the outcome of the game. The size of your potential winnings in game shows depends on your bet size, but the odds are the same. You are best advised not to feel any pressure to bet more and place wagers with which you feel comfortable.

Many live game shows have an auto spins feature, which allows you to speed up the pace of the game a little bit. You can choose the size of your wager and the number of rounds you want the game to run automatically, and once you do so, just sit back and watch the gameplay out in front of you.

Different Types of Game Shows

All Game Show Casino Game Example

There are different types of game shows you will find at the best online casino sites, and we can break them down into three categories to make them easier to compare. Let’s see the specifics of each of those categories.

Big Wheel Game Show

The name says it all in this type of game show. The big wheel is the main feature of the game, and it is used to drive the game itself. Examples of big wheel game shows are Dream Catcher, Spin a Win, and Mega Wheel

Dream Catcher is the original entertainment game and it has begun the revolution of game shows in the online casino industry. Spin A Win is the next game that was created by Playtech and Mega Wheel shortly followed suit.

Bingo Type Game Show

This type of game show is run by a bingo machine. You will see colored or numbered balls are drawn from a machine during a game, and it will provide a result that you need to act upon. It is a very different type of game from the wheel games that were first introduced in the industry.

Augmented Reality Game Show

The augmented reality game shows are also known as slot-type game shows, and they are mainly driven by an RNG engine. The game is presented as a live game – there is a host, but it is driven by a Random Number Generator. The results of the game will be determined by a computer, not by live-action. These types of games are compared to slots, as they have similar RTPs.

Types of Bets in Game Shows

Types of Bets in Game Shows

Betting in game shows is pretty straightforward, and even though there are different versions of the game, the aim is to bet on the outcome and hope to secure a win. In the best online casino brands in the world, game shows are in a separate subcategory.

The betting range varies from one operator to another, and they can start from $0.10, which is a good amount for newbies in the game, and they can go up to $5,000, and this is a number that attracts high-rollers.

Have in mind that you cannot play live casino game shows for free, so you need to play them when you have money in your balance. Every game has its house edge, so you need to be aware of the RTP before you start playing. Game shows are luck-based games, so the excitement levels will skyrocket every time you play them, and the gaming experience will be second to none. BetCraving believes you had knowledge of this game now and we hope you will try it out soon!

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